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Welcome to SAS Express for Logistics and Shipping Services. SAS Express is a Saudi company that works in the field of express mail and freight under the license of the Communications and Information Technology Commission at its headquarters in Riyadh.

The work in Sas Express is managed on the latest scientific systems through the company’s system, which guarantees the confidentiality of customer accounts. Orders and shipments are followed up through the customer’s account on the company’s website: www.sasexp.com or through the company’s phone applications, and you can communicate with us directly on the mail E-mail: info@sasexp.com Toll Free: (8001111401)

All company employees, especially delegates, are committed to all prevention methods, especially physical distancing, the use of masks and sterilizers, and policies that cover breakable shipments. The responsibility of the sender and the company is not responsible for product damage due to packaging. The sending customer is fully responsible for the content of the shipment.

We strive to provide the best services and adhere to integrity, honesty, transparency and respect for all, which leads to building an extended partnership with SAS clients. Safety is always the main objective in all our business as we apply a comprehensive quality management system that dictates compliance with all health and safety procedures and full compliance with the rules set by the Health Department And safety, whether in operations, storage operations, administrative sites or work sites.

The shipments and parcels are delivered and received from the customer through the company’s representative or at the nearest branch of the company. The collections are delivered to the customer after delivery daily, or the customer receives the collection from the nearest branch daily from 9 am. The company provides its services 24 hours a day, throughout the year, except for holidays and public holidays. Branch addresses Company website: info@sasexp.com Toll-free number: (8001111401)

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